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Megan Novak

Megan Novak
Accounting, 2013
Hometown: Northglenn, CO

You graduated from CU-Boulder last May.  What are you doing now?
I am working for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as an auditor; I am an associate within the assurance practice.  I have only been there for a few months, but I love it.  I have two primary clients - one is an oil and gas company and one is a smaller client out of Finland.  It is really fun to get to see both sides of the spectrum – a larger American company and small Finnish company

How do you describe your job and what you do to those who might not be familiar?
I don’t do your taxes.  In my role, we go in and look at companies with a fresh set of eyes and make sure their financial statements accurately represent their financial position.  We verify that the information they provide to the public is an accurate representation of where they stand. 

Tell me more about your job. What do you do on a daily basis?
I started with my clients in September, around Quarter 3.  At Q3, it is not necessarily a full audit; we look at how they come up with numbers and the schedules that support them, check high risk numbers and gain an understanding of where all of the numbers come from to ensure that they are reasonable.  One of my clients just did an acquisition and equity filing, so that is a whole different ballgame and not what I initially expected.  We helped  underwriters gain comfort and know that they are making a good investment.  It is really interesting.  I got to work with underwriters, see how it works from start to finish and see how they make the decision of whether or not to support a company.  Along with that there is also the acquisition, which includes reviewing the financial statements of the company that is being acquired to make sure that my client is comfortable. 

Do you enjoy your job?
I do!  I love the people that I am working with; I love that it is a fast-paced environment; and I love that everyone is pushing you to be better, learn more and work harder.  I come home every day with my mind blown about how much I have learned.  It has definitely  been a vertical learning curve, there is always something going on .  And, the hours aren’t as bad as people might imagine.  I couldn’t be happier!

Have you found a mentor since starting at PwC?,
Yes, from the time you start you have a buddy, a coach and a relationship partner.  Your buddy is someone with one to two years of experience, so someone who can relate to you and what you are doing.  Your coach is assigned when you walk in and really does care, they offer advice about how best to achieve your goals within the firm.  And, my relationship partner is the oil and gas partner in the office and really cares about the company and industry.  I have been taken under all of those wings.  I also met so many people in the recruiting process, who have served as mentors in another realm.  They are always available to chat about long term career goals, as well as daily challenges.  I am able to reach out to so many people based on what I need.

How did you find your job?  When did you accept your offer?
I started looking at the beginning of my junior year.  Accounting companies generally start recruiting pretty far out, hoping that you will do an internship and start working with the company the next year or even two years.  I was selected for different hiring events with a few different firms.  I received a few offers around Thanksgiving of my senior year.  So, I basically knew what I would be doing about a year out. 

What advice do you have for students as they consider college options?
I think my biggest advice is to go where you think you will be most successful and where it feels like home. You could go to the best school in the world, but if you aren’t comfortable you won’t thrive.  CU-Boulder was perfect for me - it was a world-class education, but also had the right people and amazing opportunities that led me to find my passion. 

The things that really guided me were my internships, taking advantage of opportunities that were out of the box, and doing things that I was excited about and passionate about.  That is what introduced me to the oil and gas industry and drove me to do community service.  I did an internship with 9News, traveled to China, and did an internship with ConocoPhillips.  It is where passion and work connect that you will find your place and happiness.


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