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Every Academic Major Can Study Abroad

Quick Fact

Many CU-Boulder students study abroad numerous times and still graduate in four years.


CU-Boulder offers programs for every major. Whether you study engineering, journalism, science, humanities, fine arts, dance, education, business or anything in between, you can study abroad. And with proper planning, you can stay on track for graduation by fulfilling degree requirements, such as required core and major classes or by taking elective credits.

CU-Boulder offers hundreds of programs

CU-Boulder has more than 300 study abroad programs in more than 65 countries. Programs vary in length from two weeks to a full academic year. You could spend a summer in Italy, a semester in New Zealand or a whole year in Japan. Foreign language programs are available throughout the world, but a majority of programs offer courses taught in English, so speaking a foreign language is not required to study abroad. Search study abroad programs.

Sample Programs

  • Biodiversity & Natural Resource Management in Madagascar
  • Business, Engineering and Arts & Sciences in Germany
  • Art History in Florence and Rome
  • Semester at Sea
  • Archaeology in Greece
  • Urban Design & Analysis in Turkey and Italy
  • Himalayan Buddhist Art & Architecture in India
  • Summer internships in Australia, Chile, China, England, New Zealand, Singapore and Spain

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