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What Is Research?

Investigating. Studying. Creating. Innovating.

Conducting research as an undergraduate student gives you an opportunity to explore your passions – no matter what your major. At the University of Colorado Boulder, our faculty members are committed to working with undergraduate students. Our students participate in ground breaking research, have opportunities to present at conferences and have their work published – giving them a significant advantage as they apply for jobs, graduate school and prestigious fellowships.

Student Profiles


As an undergraduate sociology major, Kenly’s experience rivals that of many graduate students. Hear Kenly's story >>

Disease Ecology

Through his research, Ian is studying the impact of amphibian disease on the larger world. See his video >>

Psychology and Mental Health

As a psychology major, Gaby has discovered the importance of research in her field and its ability to help people. See her video>>

Food As Art

Ajay, an art history major, is focusing his thesis on how food can be a sophisticated form of art. See his video >>


Ben never outgrew his dinosaur phase, and today, he is using his passion for paleontology to conduct research. See his video >>

Sunscreen & Cancer

Samantha’s research has given her the opportunity to work side-by-side with world class experts. See her video >>

Research Opportunities at CU-Boulder

In The News

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CU-Boulder instrument set to launch to the moon

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