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Information For Parents


We are so excited your student is considering the University of Colorado Boulder for their college experience. The search for the perfect fit takes a lot of planning, preparation, and hard work. You can prepare your student by helping them define their goals and interests and supporting them throughout the admission process. Your involvement in this process is very important.

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There is no shortage of 'how-to' books on the college search process, and we've found that it is a very individualized process. Each student has hopes, dreams, and expectations for his or her college experience, and there is no perfect way to discover what school that will be for your student. The best way you can support your student is to help them ask the right questions so they can make the best, most educated decision about where to spend their time growing as an adult.

Nothing gives you and your student a better idea of what a campus is like than walking the grounds, sitting in a class, eating the food, and talking with students, faculty, and staff. Schools usually have multiple visit options that will range from a 30-minute, self-guided tour to a full day of exploration.

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MyCUBoulder is designed for undergraduate prospective students and enables them to take care of all business related to applying and enrolling at CU-Boulder. Students need to have a MyCUBoulder account to register for a visit program, apply to the university, apply for scholarships, check the status of their application, and confirm their intent to enroll.

Parents and family members should not create accounts for their students as this causes significant problems and hinders the student's ability to access their information. If you are assisting them with their admission, please work together and share account information, so you can both use it to access information and complete business with the university.

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Our admission team is here to help guide you and your student through this process. We look forward to answering your questions and assisting you as your student applies to CU-Boulder. Find your student’s admission counselor and feel free to e-mail or call them with questions. If they are not available, contact someone in our call center at 303-492-6301. We look forward to helping you!

You are a key partner for your student when it comes to financing their college education. Help your student research their options and stay on top of important deadlines and dates. Financial aid can be awarded at all stages of your student's academic career. Help them see the big picture and encourage them to apply for different types of aid throughout their academic career.

Research is one of the most important steps to earning financial aid. Investigate all options from scholarships and grants to loans and work-study programs.

Students choose CU-Boulder for many reasons, but time and again, they say they love us because of our strong academics and research, great community, unique location, and the overall value of their degree. 

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After your student has been admitted to CU-Boulder, there are several steps to take to complete the enrollment process. Your student will need to activate their IdentiKey, apply for housing, and register for orientation to complete the enrollment process. 

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