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Summertime in the City

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My view of the Capitol from my parking spot

Summertime is in full swing! 

This summer has been such an adventure already.

I have relocated to Denver for the summer because I am working at the Colorado State Capitol. That in itself is an everyday adventure. I get to experience a 9-5 job, rush hour traffic, and everything that happens within the Capitol. Of course, moving to Denver was a bit of a transition after living in Boulder for the year. The Flatirons were always there to greet me, the buses were always there to pick me up, and I always knew where I was going. A lot of people call Denver a "pseudo" city, but to me it really is the big city. While I have been enjoying exploring the new scenery, a piece of me misses Boulder. I think this is how I know that I finally found the right school.

Speaking of school, summer classes are also in full swing. I know what you’re thinking. How could I possibly be taking a summer class at CU while I am working in Denver? Well, CU offers a really great program for online classes during the summer. It’s a great way to stay on track or get ahead. This summer, I am taking Shakespeare for Non-Majors fulfill my upper division literature requirement.  I am really excited to learn more about Shakespeare and earn credit while I work and continue to explore Denver.

What a summer I have in front of me!


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