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AED Initiation and Senior Night- The Last Hoorah!

Monday, April 30, 2012


Hi Friends!

Wow! My last blog of the year! It's hard to believe that my junior year is over in one week. This year has definitely been a challenge, but it has been the most rewarding and prepared me for the future. Last night we had our initiation for the newest pledges of Alpha Epsilon Delta. This event is combined with our Senior Night to honor the seniors who are graduating and have been active members of AED. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I got to speak for part of it because I am an officer. The ceremony was held inside the UMC and friends and family were welcome to join (it isn’t one of those secret fraternity/sorority initiations). I must say I got a little teary-eyed when my close friend and fellow blogger Emily Armgardt came up to receive her honors chords from AED that she gets to wear at graduation. This year, the officers of AED have gotten incredibly close, so it will be difficult to see some of them graduate. However, I have no doubt that they will go on to do amazing things for themselves and for others. More pictures from the night are at the bottom...


What are my plans for the summer? I’m glad you asked! I’ll be here this summer—everybody says that you have to spend at least one summer in Boulder and I chose this one! I’ll be working as an undergraduate research assistant for the DACS Lab working on “The Language Project” which focuses on how children learn words and how this phenomenon develops over time. I feel like this is the perfect position because I get to work with kids while gaining some incredible research experience.  I’m also working for a program called Summer Study, where high school kids from around the country (and around the world) come here to CU and take classes for college credit. I will be teaching the enrichment portion of Psychology, so I get to design my own psychology curriculum for three weeks, which I am incredibly excited to be doing!

That’s all for now my friends! If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me at and I’d be happy to answer any of your questions or just chat! Have a wonderful summer and as always, GO BUFFS!




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