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Snow Day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Growing up in California, I had barely even seen snow before I came to school in Colorado. You can only imagine my excitement when I woke up to a CU Rave Alert text saying "CU campus closed today due to snow" and another text from my RA saying "snowball fight at 11 on Farrand Field!" Since I woke up well past 11, I could hear everyone from my floor screaming and running around outside. I rushed to get my winter clothes on and ran outside to join everybody on Farrand Field. My favorite part about living on campus is living right next to Farrand Field. It is a great place to run around with friends and play sports in the summer or snowball fights in the winter. Plus, it has an amazing view of the Flatirons!          Thursday's weather and Friday's weather

               Thursday's weather and Friday' weather

I was greeted by a large amount of snowballs launched at me from my friends. Since my first snowball fight was in October of this year, I wasn't very good at defending myself from the snowballs. Throughout the day, people from Libby Hall joined us in a large snowball fight that was complete with a slingshot. I felt like a little kid running around throwing snowballs at people and building snowmen. I had so much fun running around with everybody and I can't wait until the next snow day!





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