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Family Fun

Monday, October 3, 2011


Hey all!


Great weekend just passed. It was so fun to see all the parents out and about with their kids, especially at the game this past Saturday. My parents were unable to make it out here, but they’re not the biggest fans of Family Weekend (the traffic and crowds aren’t really their thing). Luckily, my roommate’s parents came out and took us out to a great dinner at Laudisio in the 29th Street Mall with a bunch of friends. I definitely recommend the Eggplant Parmesan if you’re a vegetarian like I am. They also have “small dishes” which are great for sharing. They also brought us back a taste of home with some New York bagels! Her parents decided not to sit with us during the football game, which was understandable, but we did steal her younger sister and gave her a taste of college football life. The barbeques at the tailgates for this game were wild and delicious because everyone’s parents were willing to cook! Even though we lost (shame), this was definitely one of my favorites so far! The weather was beautiful, and the parents in the atmosphere made it even better more exciting. Some of the parents that I saw had even more pride than their little Buffs J


Sunday morning I woke up and went to work with a four year old boy who has Autism. I’ve been working with him for about a year now through a program called Linking Hearts. For two hours a week we get to play together and I can try to teach him new games and work on social interactions. It’s definitely one of the more rewarding opportunities I have here in Boulder. We went for a nice walk to the park and played house under a picnic table, drew pictures of the solar system (his newest obsession), and wrote our names in fun crayon colors.


Later on in the day, I went to read to a six year old boy for my class on Children’s Literature. Last week I read him Where The Wild Things Are, which he LOVED. This week I told him I’d bring him some more monster books, and we read a couple. He also read me an entire Curious George book! We decided as our lesson for the day we would draw Curious George in a monster costume, and talk about how people can be very different on the inside and outside. It was the perfect end to a very child-filled day. 

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