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International Conditional Admission Program

The University of Colorado Boulder is pleased to introduce Conditional Admission for international students who need to improve their English language skills before starting an academic degree program.

What is Conditional Admission?

The Conditional Admission Program (CAP) at the University of Colorado Boulder is for students whose English proficiency does not meet the requirements for admission into a degree program at CU-Boulder. You will be allowed to start a degree program after you have met the requirement for English proficiency by completing the program.

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How does the Conditional Admission Program work?

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Qualified students are referred to the International English Center (IEC) at CU-Boulder, where they are required to enroll in an IEC program for 6-12 months to improve their English language skills. Each student will take a placement test to help determine the program that will best suit his or her needs.

Along with improving their English proficiency, CAP students will also benefit from lessons in study skills, cross-cultural experiences, discussions on appropriate in-classroom and out-of-class behavior, and opportunities to interact with international and domestic students.  They will visit university classes with their IEC teachers to experience the rigor of classes and learn about the standards of academic honesty.  Students are also required to stay in on-campus residence halls, which is an excellent opportunity to make friends with degree students, and to participate in residential life programs and activities.  In many ways, the 6-12 months at the IEC assists in the acculturation process for international students as they learn more about American university experiences and about Boulder, Colorado.

Students who finish the program and successfully complete a final assessment can begin full-time undergraduate study in a degree program at CU-Boulder.  Note that you cannot begin full-time study until you fully and successfully complete the program and the assessment.

How do I get accepted into the Conditional Admission Program?

International students cannot apply to the Conditional Admission Program.  A student must submit a regular undergraduate admission application, and may then be referred to the Conditional Admissions Program by an admission counselor based on the application. Acceptance is not guaranteed.

Visit the International Apply webpage for information on applying for admission to CU-Boulder.

If you have already been conditionally admitted and would like information on how to enroll in the Conditional Admission Program, Click Here. >

How much does the program cost?

A CAP student will only pay the program fee to the International English Center for as long as they are in the Conditionally Admitted Program.  The student will begin paying full academic tuition to University of Colorado Boulder once they begin a degree program. These costs will be for the term in which you will begin your degree program, not for the term to which you originally applied.  Contact International Admissions for details at

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Immigration & Visas

The International English Center will issue the Form I-20 to all accepted and enrolled Conditional Admission Program students.  For more information, visit the IEC Immigration webpage >

If you have already been conditionally admitted and would like information on how to enroll in the Conditional Admission Program, Click Here. >