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How to Choose a Residence Hall

There are several questions to ask yourself as you decide where to live your first year on campus. Follow this guide to find the perfect place to call home next year.

  1. Identify your academic interests - many of our residence halls offer academic and community programs that will help you narrow your search.
  2. Review the Residential Academic Programs and Living and Learning Communities available in each hall.
  3. Browse the available locations, room types, and amenities
  4. Read the application instructions and roommate request policy. Roomate requests are granted when space is available, the requests are mutual, both applicants are eligible for the halls/programs being requested, the same halls/programs are being requested, and both requests are received prior to April 1.

Housing Application Guide

Ready to apply for housing? Here is a step-by-step guide to make sure it goes smoothly

  1. Confirm your intent to enroll. Log in to your MyCUBoulder account and click on the ‘Confirm’ tab to pay your confirmation deposit online, or download the confirmation form to mail in. It typically takes at least one business day for your confirmation to update in our system.
  2. Activate your identikey. After your confirmation deposit has been processed you can activate your identikey (your code name for all online CU-Boulder student services) in your MyCUBoulder account or by clicking here. Wait at least one business day to start the housing application after you have activated your IdentiKey so your information has time to transfer.
  3. Research your options. Visit the Housing and Dining Services website to research all of your options. Here are some helpful links: Residence Halls, Room Types, Residence Hall Communities
  4. Begin Housing application. Access the application through your MyCUBoulder account or directly off of the Housing & Dining Services website.

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