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Law and Justice

Sample Classes You Might Take:

  • Crime and Society
  • Introduction in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Public Speaking
  • Introductory Logic
  • Philosophy and Law
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • The Judicial System
  • Civil Rights and Liberties in America
  • International Law
  • Business Law, Ethics, and Public Policy
  • Inequality, Democracy, and the Environment

"I use the building blocks of what I learned at CU every day. Philosophy taught me how to think – not what to think. I learn quickly, and I am able break down complex information.  I can think on my feet, I am able to make decisions, I can make solid arguments, I can distill complicated information and spell it out in a logical way.  I am a huge fan of CU-Boulder’s philosophy degree, because it is useful throughout your whole life and in so many careers."

- Jeremy Durham, CU-Boulder alumnus, BA Philosophy '05, JD Law '09

Others think the shows “Law and Order” and “Boston Legal” are pretty good – you, however, find them so inspiring that you’d like to be involved in similar portentous events. You never hesitated to join the debate club. You’re interested in the concept of justice, in the notion that we can find better ways to live together, in the historical tradition of the law, and the evolution of society’s most important and hallowed institutions.

At CU-Boulder...

  • CU-Boulder does not offer a “prelaw major” (nor do most universities). The term prelaw is simply a declaration of intent to apply for admission to law school. The core curriculum in the College of Arts and Sciences at CU-Boulder builds a solid foundation for prelaw study. In a few instances long-range career plans can affect prelaw preparation. For example, patent law requires an extensive background in engineering or natural science; tax law requires an understanding of accounting; and international and comparative law require proficiency in at least one foreign language.

  • Students considering law school after graduation can work with a prelaw advisor at the PreProfessional Advising Center at CU-Boulder. The advisor will work with students throughout their undergraduate career about all aspects of the preparation and application process to law school.

  • The CU Mock Trial is a student team that competes at tournaments against other colleges and universities in trial simulations, which are presided over by attorneys, judges, and members of the legal community. Mock trial combines public speaking, law, and theater in which members of the team act as attorneys and deliver opening statements, conduct direct and cross-examinations, enter evidence, make objections, and deliver closing arguments.

There are no specific prerequisites or major requirements for law school. Your major should be in an area that interests and challenges you. Some common majors for prelaw students are:

Programs and Majors

College of Arts and Sciences

PreProfessional Law (not a major, but can be declared for advising purposes)

Environmental Studies
Ethnic Studies (five areas of concentration: Africana Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicana and Chicano Studies, and Comparative Ethnic Studies)
International Affairs
Political Science
Religious Studies
Spanish (with emphasis in International Spanish for the Professions)
Women and Gender Studies

Minor in Economics, Ethnic Studies, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, or Women and Gender Studies

Leeds School of Business

Management (includes tracks in Human Resources, Information Management, and Operations Management)
Open Option - Business

Business Minor