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Lindsay Scurto (Talbot)

Lindsay Scurto (Talbot)

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Undergraduate Institution: CU-Boulder! I studied Humanities with an emphasis in Spanish and Journalism

Interests/activities: Skiing, climbing 14-ers, international travel, musical performance

Favorite thing about CU-Boulder: We’re in the most amazing location. Literally by being here, we have opportunities you can’t get elsewhere—access to start-ups, world-class outdoor recreation, and the “happiest, brainiest, and foodiest” city to name a few.

Favorite place in Boulder: Varsity Lake is my absolute favorite place—just at the west edge of campus. There are turtles sunning themselves on logs! It’s also a great spot to reflect and just enjoy the surroundings.

Piece of advice for prospective students: Choosing a college is a big decision—before we can decide if you’re a fit, YOU have to decide if you’re a fit. Take the time to explore our city, our campus and our university. It’s an incredible place that you need to get to know.

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