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Kati Matuseski

Kati Matuseski

Hometown: Ramsey, MN

Undergraduate Institution: University of Wisconsin River Falls

Interests/activities: I enjoy any adventure in the mountains and traveling.

Favorite thing about CU-Boulder: What’s not to love? I appreciate the energy and pride our students and staff have for their Buff family at our university in times of joy or struggle. I also love that we have students representing all 50 states and over 80 countries! There is a large chunk of the world to connect with right here. I am always blown away by how many opportunities and how much access students here have to support and success.

Favorite place you’ve been to in Boulder: Cross country skiing around North Boulder Park in the winter was new and exciting for me last winter! It’s also only a short distance from Mt. Sanitas Trail which offers a beautiful 360 degree view at the top! If you don’t want to hike to the top, drive up Flagstaff Road for some hairpin turns and amazing views of the University and city!

Piece of advice for prospective students: No matter which university is the right fit for you, think and act like a global citizen and get involved!

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