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Katelynn Barnett

Katelynn Barnett

Hometown: Salem, Ohio

Undergraduate Institution: Xavier University

Interests/activities: Sand volleyball, hiking, traveling to new places, watching live music

Favorite thing about CU-Boulder: The many opportunities to get involved at CU, and the stunning views of the mountains from anywhere on campus.

Favorite place to eat in Boulder: Lindsay’s Boulder Deli – the Ferris Brieller (turkey, brie, applies, pesto-jam) sandwich gets me every time. There’s also a full ice cream bar inside the deli; after all, dessert is great with any meal.

Piece of advice to applicants: College is a great time to develop various skills and talents, maybe even ones you didn’t know you had. Explore the various programs that colleges offer to support your intellectual, personal, and professional growth. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone!

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