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Harlem Shake to End All Harlem Shakes

Friday, February 22, 2013

In my Acting for Nonmajors class this week, we were asked to prepare our monologues for coaching. This means we brought in the monologue we had been working on for a five minute one-on-one segment with our teacher. She helped me deicde more of the physical aspects of my monologue - where I should stand, look, move my arms, etc. I really enjoy the exercises we get to do in the class to express ourselves and find more of the actions that we are the best at! Someday I really might want to pursue a bit of acting outside of my usual Young Life skits on Wednesday nights. This class will be have been useful in learning the underlying important parts of getting every bit of a character just perfectly!

This Wednesday, Young Life College at CU decided to make their very own Harlem Shake at the beginning of the night. The guys leading it deemed it "The Harlem Shake to End All Halrem Shakes". Yet there's no way there will ever be a final one, I predict there will be some here and there for years to come. I attached the file below - it ended up being a really fun dance party for about 30 seconds, and I think those are what college is really all about!

Before the game, the Executive team of Ambassadors went to dinner at Beau Jo's, a Colorado based pizza company that makes pizzas called Mountain Pies because of how large their crust expands into doughy hills! We ordered a Dude Ranch pie, covered in ranch and cheese and bacon and laughed/argued over who had to finish the last few pieces. It's now one of our favorite places to go to eat before basketball events because we can also walk over from the restaurant to the game without having to mess with game traffic. These are the little ins and outs you learn over time from experience about your college campus :)

This weekend, I'm headed to Aspen with the Annex Ministry! They've gotten a foot of new snow in the last 36 hours, so the skiing should be UNREAL. I'll have pictures to show next week!

This is a link to the video!

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