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Boulder Public Art

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In case you haven't noticed by now, I really love Boulder. 


One of my favorite aspects is all the public art we have around this city. I have always been a huge proponent of public art, and as some of my friends can attest to, I used to build pieces of public art at parties. I think things like the Bean in Chicago, or the "Love" sculpture in Philadelphia can add a lot of character to a city, and Boulder does have it's fair share, although I do wish that some were displayed more prominently.

As such, I was driving east on Pearl St. the other day when I passed by a truly glorious mural. I had to stop my car, get out, examine it further, before eventually photographing it with the express purpose of writing this blog. 


In case you are interested in checking out this bad boy for yourself, it is on the North side of Pearl St. at 21st. Here is a picture.


Also I figure I would give a guide of other sweet public artworks in Boulder (this list is very much incomplete, because it is off the top of my head), some have pictures, most of which I took off of Google, Enjoy!

1. Across the street from the Boulderado on Spruce and 13th, there is a giant stone heart.

2. In a park, on the corner of 9th and Canyon, there are some great statues.

3. The statue of Ralphie that sits out in front of Folsom Field on campus

4. The rocketship play structure at Scott Carpenter Park

5.The famous mural at Spruce Pool

6. The windmill in the garden at 20th and Araphahoe

7. The water soaked spinning globe in the 29th St. mall

8. The giant rooster that sits out front of Alfalfa's Market

9. The Pearl St. Mall is littered with pieces, I feel like every time I go down there I notice some new piece

10. The graffiti wall at Scott Carpenter skate park is a cool one. It is a wall built solely to be graffitied, as such it is constantly evolving.


Until Next Time,


Marketing • Boulder, CO


Hi Griff I love the blog. There are some beautiful pieces of artwork in Boulder. I pass the indian on my morning run on the Boulder creek. I wanted to post on this blog but I am not sure how to set up my account so Im going to just add to your blog.

I graduated with a finance degree not long ago and have been working in the legal field now. For all prospective students, Boulder is a great place to live and CU is an amazing school. The business program is very strong. Working has been enjoyable and a huge learning experience. For more information on where I work or if you are interested in the legal field check out my company's website at



Griff - Your photos are great; thanks for sharing them. And you are right; we have a lot of fantastic public art in Boulder and all over Boulder County. In fact, Boulder County Art Alliance has just started a Public Art Map to help create awareness of all this art: We welcome anyone to view and / or contribute photos! Thanks - Mike

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