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A Starry Night

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I love living in one of most educated cities in the nation. Last night I had the distinct pleasure of attending a public lecture for my Astronomy Class, with the guest speaker Dr. Daniel Baker the director of LASP (The Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics). His talk focused on how our magnetosphere interacts with space weather using his data from his two observation satellites he help design and sent into the Van Allen belt. I am not a Physics major but I do love space. Therefore, I am so glad that my professor let our class know about this intriguing lecture because not only did I get to meet one of the smartest Astronomical Physicist of our time but also I found out that the Van Allen belt has a third layer which Dr. Baker discovered with his observation satellites. This lecture reminds me again why I chose Boulder.

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Good to hear CU has great programming. Sounds like Boulder has its own Stephen Hawking on staff, hopefully will have an opportunity to hear him speak. Do you have any updates on the meteor strike that hit Russia last week? Why didn't NASA have more notice of this event?

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