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Ready. Set. Study!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


There are so many things to do here at CU that sometimes I forget that I’m also enrolled in classes too. With those classes comes reading, quizzes and of course tests. With class in full swing, I’m sure some of you have exam dates approaching. I know I do. Now it’s time to get to studying!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t study just anywhere. It can’t be too quiet, too loud, too populated, too warm or too cold. Thankfully, I have found a few places on campus that are just right! I thought I would share them with you today.

The Center for Community.  You’re probably thinking, “Wait. That is just a dining hall…” It is, but it is also so much more. Aside from all of the student services that are housed in the C4C, there are a few spots that make tackling my mountain of reading a little bit easier. It truly is a center for community! I love sitting on the 3rd floor next to the JD Abrams lounge. The chairs here are comfortable, I love that this floor is surrounded by windows so you can look out into the dinning area, and it’s in a perfect, central location to hang out in between classes and get some work done.

The Heritage Center. If you came on a tour here at CU, chances are you visited our Heritage Center in Old Main. Well, last year I discovered that if you ask nicely, they just might let you study in the President’s room.  In this room, you are surrounded by fancy furniture, portraits of former CU Presidents and other CU memorabilia. There is something about sitting at the large table that motivates me to study and succeed. I also like to stop by the Notable Alumni Gallery in the Heritage Center. This gallery is adorned with pictures and biographies of CU alums who have accomplished outstanding tasks. I love visiting this gallery because it reminds me why I am chose to come to CU.

Museum of Natural History. This is my favorite study place of all my favorite study places. This building is located by the Book Store Entrance of the UMC and right next to Hellems. The furniture is unique, there are fossils to keep you company, it’s cozy and there is always a free hot beverage, like tea! What more could you want in a study area?

Of course there are many other places to study here at CU. Maybe you like to study outside? Pick a tree to lean against in Norlin Quad and read on! Maybe you have a group project? There are study rooms in Norlin that are perfect for this. Maybe you're a little more conventional and like to study in the library. From Norlin to the Business School Library you will be able to find the library that suits you. 

Maybe you might need a little help with writing a paper? In Norlin, there is a writing resource center that is free for you to use all the way from your freshman writing class to your senior thesis. There is also free tutoring available if you live in the Residence Halls.

See? Even when you are doing the least desirable activity here, CU makes it a little better by offering helpful resources and quite, cozy study areas.  

Happy studying!

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Wow, great pics!

Here's some information about study areas in the University Libraries --

Thank you so much! My pictures are probably my favorite part of my blog. Thanks for reading!

Thanks, John. That information is very helpful!

Fantastic photos. Great to share with us. Thank you amenda.

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