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Sunday, September 16, 2012


During your senior year of high school you might have experienced a horrible disease known as senioritus. I know I did. I was itching for something new, someplace new. Here I am, about a month into my senior year of college, and senioritus has infected me again. Except, this case of senioritus came with slightly different symptoms. I am still wildly interested in my classes, but I can’t seem to do any of my work in a timely fashion. I love CU, but waking up for my 11am classes is becoming a real struggle. I want the weekends to last forever. I really want to be through with the academic part, but not the fun part. Diagnosis: Senioritus- the colligate strain with lack of motivation and increased procrastination.

Obviously, with nearly the entire semester to go plus the spring semester I can’t be burned out just yet. So, how will I stay motivated and cure myself of procrastination?

Coffee. Yes, coffee becomes your bestfriend in college.

Like in high school, what kept me motivated was the fact that I wanted to get into a good college. So, after college what is there to keep me motivated? The rest of my life. I have opportunities galore, thanks to CU!

I could work with places like Teach for America or learn and improve my resume with internships at places like WorldDenver. There are several opportunities through Career Services for my major. I even have the opportunity to meet employees from the State Department.

All of these things remind me to stay motivated and take full advantage of my CU experience and degree.

And, of course…if these things don’t work I love to watch this video to remind me exactly why I am at CU.

International Affairs | Political Science • Colorado Springs, Colorado


What a great video to finish with! Your 11ams are getting difficult to wake up for, my 3 pms are getting difficult :P haha

Isn't the video awesome? Gives me goose bumps everytime. Haha! We just have to rememeber to stay motivated! 

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