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The Evolution of the Selfie Through Time

Monday, April 28, 2014

As many of you know, the selfie has taken over the world. Thanks to snapchat, and the technological advancements in smart phones that allow us to actually turn the camera around on us, we are now able to take extremely vain images of ourselves and compose them nicely.


However, because of the ease of these sorts of images, adults have now caught on to the selfie craze as well. This closing of the generational gap has given me a terrific number of priceless selfies accrued on my phone over the years, and I now give you the evolution of the selfie through time.


As a disclaimer, I would like it to be known that I disagree with most forms of selfies, but I do think it's hilarious to see other people taking them, hence the purpose of this blog.


This is my uncle Malcolm, returning from a thrift shop in New Orleans. Here you can see the original style of selfie. Shot in a mirror with the camera facing and clearly reflected in the picture.


Here we have my godfather John at Easter brunch, taking a selfie of him and our table. In this one he has turned the camera on himself, although this predates the selfie camera, so he has actually turned the camera around and he is unable to see what he is taking a picture of as he snaps his shot.


And finally, the most recent iteration. This was taken last night at the student ambassador banquet. In this one we used the highly advance selfie cam on an iPhone to snap our selfie.

What will be the next evolution in the selfie? I guess you'll have to wait and see.


Arms wide open,


Marketing • Boulder, CO




You need to add some info about the PopSocket on here. Plus, a Boulder professor thought it up, so that makes it cool too!



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