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Crazy Colorado Weather

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hello everyone!

I am so excited to announce that spring has finally sprung in Boulder!! Tulips are starting to appear on campus, and I can actually walk to class without having to wear gloves! In fact, all last week the weather was in the 70s!

 I cannot believe that the school year is almost to close! Even in the midst of midterms and finals, I have still managed to spend a fair amount of time outdoors during the past few days – and I forgot how powerful the sun is! Because we get 30% more sunlight here in Colorado than at sea level, it is important to always wear sunscreen, no matter what the weather is (trust me, I know from experience).

That being said, we did get a fair amount of snow a few nights, ago. Sounds crazy, right? After wearing a dress around all day, I woke up to a winter wonderland outside my dorm room window. To me, the snow seems like that relative at a family dinner that has to say goodbye eight times before actually leaving….

The good news: today the weather was back in the 60s. The bad news: it is going to rain tomorrow. The ugly: that means the hiking trails are going to be muddy. Still, that will not stop me from making my way up to Chautauqua Park this Saturday. I seriously cannot remember the last weekend I didn’t go hiking in Chautauqua! Through extreme heat and bitter cold, I have made it at least part way up. I think that just goes to show how much I love living in a place as beautiful as Boulder.

Earlier this week I bought my plane ticket back to California for the summer (and I may or may not have shed a little tear while doing so). As much as I am excited to return to the beach, to see my friends and family, and to possibly (hopefully!) do a bit of relaxing, I am truly going to miss the crazy, jam-packed, adventurous, fun-filled, beautiful life I live in Colorado.

I am so lucky I have three more years :)

I wish my fellow Buffs good luck in studying for finals....GO BUFFS!


Hiking in Chautauqua a few weekends ago - a beautiful sunny day!


Hiking past Chautauqua to Flagstaff...some snow and a lot of wind!

A hiking trail on the back side of Chautauqua. 


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I visited CUBoulder last weekend! It was super warm and then it snowed on Sunday. Does the weather always change like that? Also, is it warm enough to where shorts hiking in Chautauqua? Great pictures! Love the mountains :D

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