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Jam-packed Weekend with the Sister

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hi everyone!

This past weekend was one of the best weekends of the year for a number of reasons:

1) Daylight Savings – it now stays lighter later, which means more time for outdoor activities during the day!

2) The weather thought it was already almost summer, and decided to hold between 60 and 72 degrees (which is seriously unheard of at this time of year!)

3) My little sister came to visit me!!

Kendall is currently a senior in high school back home in California, so we are not too far apart in age. In fact, most people who see us together think either A) we are twins, or B) she is older. Both statements are false, but hey, I’ll take it as a compliment.

Anyways, I was so excited for her to arrive in Boulder that I made a huge list of all of the things I wanted to show her in this wonderful mountain town.

She arrived at the bus stop in Boulder on Friday night after a delayed flight. The weather was awful – half rain, half snow, full-on slush. She was upset about not having on the appropriate clothing. The altitude was getting to her. Traveling had taken its toll. But what she didn’t know, and what the rest of us doubted, was that the next day was going to be the most beautiful day of 2014 thus far! 


We slept in until about 10:30, and then ran over to the Starbucks and Einstein Bagels on Broadway and Baseline to pick up a quick breakfast before my 11:00 am tour of campus (oh yes, I give campus tours). Luckily for Kendall, she got to tag along on this special endeavor and got the full information session about all things CU (although, for some crazy reason, she didn’t apply here)!

After the tour, we headed down to Pearl Street with my friends Kelsey and Ben where we ate a delicious meal at a restaurant called The Mediterranean (which is on Walnut Street, just one block south of Pearl). We shopped around, watched some street performers, and overall just enjoyed the amazing sunshine while Kendall tried to convince us that she brought the sun with her from southern California. Debatable.

That night, I took her to Fiske Planetarium on campus. However nerdy it may seem, this venue is actually one of my favorite places to visit in Boulder! Our newly renovated planetarium shows a wide range of media productions from laser shows, to kids cartoons, to ultra high-definition space and Earth movies! We watched a show about Black Holes which was absolutely fascinating. I recommend that everyone who visits Boulder should go see at least one show (although you will want to stay for more!)


We woke up early on Sunday to go back down to Pearl Street for my friend's birthday breakfast. We ate at a restaurant called Snooze, which is famous for its complex and interesting mixes of pancakes. I ordered the sweet potatoe ones! 

After we were completely stuffed, we went back to my dorm and changed for a hike. We walked up to Chautauqua and hiked the first Flatiron. Kendall really loved it, and then understood why I fell in love with the town of Boulder in the first place. When you are up that high, you can see the entire CU campus, the shops near Pearl street, and basically everything straight out west into Kansas! It is very humbling.


On Monday we woke up even earlier and got ready for classes for the day. I took Kendall to the C4C dining hall, and then we rushed on over to my 9am Spanish class across campus. After that, we hit the gym for a couple of hours, before stopping for lunch at the Farrand Grab and Go and then headed over to my Creative Tech, Journalism, and Economics classes. Needless to say, Kendall was exhausted from the long day, and couldn’t believe my busy schedule!

Later in the afternoon, I walked her to the bus stop and said goodbye as she made her way to the airport. I was glad that she got the chance to visit me before she makes her own college decision, and that we got to do a little bit of everything in Boulder during her short time here!

Although I will not be going “home” for Spring Break (I’m going on a backcountry skiing trip in Vail!), I will be back in California mid-May. Until then, I will just keep on enjoying all the good things Boulder has to offer. I am so happy to call this place my "home away from home."

As always, GO BUFFS!


Pearl Street with Kendall (second from left), Kelsey, and Ben. 


Megan's birthday Breakfast at Snooze! Yummy!


BEAUTIFUL DAY in Chautauqua.


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Loved reading your blog. I'm currently a sophomore in high school in Tulsa, OK but really interested in CU. Sounds like a great place. Awesome stuff to read about.

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