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International Film Series

Monday, March 4, 2013

On the CU Boulder campus, there is an event, or series of events, called the International Film Series. They hold screenings in Muenzinger Auditorium and the VAC auditiorium. Each day of the week is a different type of film, Tuesdays are documentaries, Wednesdays are arthouse films, Thursdays are cult films, and weekends are "festival favorites" which tend to be the more popular or well known films. As a student, seeing a film at the IFS is a great deal economically, tickets cost only $6 where as at the bigger theaters tickets can cost around $9. It is also a great way to see a lot of the films that don't make it to the big commercial theaters. 

Last week, I went to see the documentary Chasing Ice, a film by Jeff Orlowski. The documentary followed a scientist and photographer and his team as they attempted to capture the melting of the world's glaciers. It was a fascinating and eye opening documentary, one that convinces you that the global climate is changing and having a dramatic affect on the world's glaciers. The film has beautiful time lapse photography and compelling video footage to show the findings rather than just talk about them. This film was showing a few weeks ago at Boulder Theater but tickets cost a few dollars more there. I am so grateful that CU Boulder has this series so I, a film lover and a economically challenged college student, can enjoy the beauties of cinema.


Spanish, Elementary Education • Tacoma, WA


Hey Grace!!

I saw that you are a Spanish major, so I read a few of your blogs and got really excited when I saw that you are involved in Young Life!!!! If you have time, I would love to ask you some questions about the Spanish department and YL group! :) My name is Rachel, I am a rising senior from Ohio!
Rachel Walters

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