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A Zero Degree Wintry Adventure

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hi All!

It has been an exciting start to the semester so far! The Broncos reached the Super Bowl (only to be defeated handily by the Seahawks) and the snow has not been shy around Boulder. In addition, the club baseball season is about to start and I have been working in two local high school as per School of Education requirements. (High School is totally different after graduating) Anyways, I wanted to take the time to tell all of you about what my friends and I decided to do yesterday.

On Wednesday, my friends and I decided to go on a hike. Normally, this means the weather was nice but it was a whopping zero degrees outside. Everyone I’ve talked to from Chicago says that zero degrees is shorts weather but for us Boulder people it is really cold. Not only was it really cold though, but there was around a foot of snow on the ground. What made us decide to go hiking, I don’t know. We drove up to Chautauqua to start the hike and what we saw was one of the most beautiful scenes Boulder has to offer.

Throughout all four seasons, the sight of the Flatirons never ceases to amaze. At this point, we decided to hike the 1st Flatiron (the right most one). As we got farther up, we realized that there had only been one other person up there since the snow stopped. We eventually got to the top and stopped to rehydrate and eat a little snack. The mountains are really something else when there is no one else up there and lots of snow to absorb the sound of the city. It was completely silent as we were sitting at the top of the flatirons. Finally, we headed down the mountain to return to Boulder and go to class. As is only fitting, we finished our wintry adventure with a buffet meal from the C4C Dining Hall on campus.

Until next time,



Mathematics and Education • Boulder, CO


That actually looks nice considering how daunting I found your description to be, haha. I remember you, Phillipe. You were my tour guide during winter break, a few days before New Years. P.S. I was the black girl in the front of the line with a lot of questions (well done by the way!).
I apologize but I have yet another question for you. As a freshman without a car, would I be limited as to the locations I could hike with my friends or is there some type of system the University puts in place - with or without certain restrictions?

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