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X Games in Aspen!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


         Hello everyone! I can’t believe it is almost February and our first round of midterms are coming up…yikes!

            So this weekend rocked! I finished all of my weekend homework ahead of time and a group of friends and I drove up to Aspen to watch the X Games! We left Friday afternoon after all of our classes were finished and arrived just about dinnertime. My friend, Kelsey, was nice enough to let us all stay at her family’s vacation house which was a real treat considering there were 11 of us!

            When we got to the house, we all unloaded our bags, picked our rooms, and then went into downtown Aspen for dinner. Because it was dark out, we couldn’t see much of the mountains, but I could tell that the town was adorable! We walked around, ate some pizza, and then got back in the car and did some late-night grocery shopping (so adult-like!).

            On Saturday morning, a group of us got up to go skiing. I was a bit nervous because I had not skied in a while and as far as I could remember, I was not the best at it. However, once I got to the top of the mountain (11,212 feet!), I couldn’t wait to take my first run! The weather was absolutely perfect – sunny and in the high 40s. As an added bonus, I only fell one time (granted, it was the kind of faceplant where I lost both of my skis and had to hike back up the mountain to get them, but still!). I think it is safe to say that it was one of the best skiing days I have ever had!

            After Atrax Mountain closed, we headed over to Buttermilk Mountain for the actual XGames. There were many expos and booths to walk through that handed out free stuff (i.e. posters, water bottles, phone cases, sunglasses, energy drinks, lanyards, hats, etc.)  We arrived just in time to watch the woman’s snowboard Super Pipe final. My friends and I stood up on the side of the half pipe and had a great view of all of the jumps. The girls were incredible! Although they did not get as high as the guys did, they also didn’t wipe out as frequently. Kelly Clark ended up winning her 4th consecutive gold medal, which should not have been a surprise, except for the fact that 13 year-old Chloe Kim, from China, made her X Games debut and was definitely a crowd favorite!

           After that came the Men’s Ski Big Air final. This was my favorite event to watch because I had just gone skiing earlier that day and I could not believe the kind of tricks these guys were pulling. What was most amazing to me was how they ski backwards down the hill, go off a jump, do a few flips and a couple flips and a few twists in the air, and then land backwards going down the mountain. Seriously Xtreme! You shouls all go on YouTube and look up a few clips. 

           The next day was more of the same – skiing in the morning, X Games at night. I could not have planned a more perfect way to spend my weekend! While our original plans included staying late Sunday night to watch Shaun White in the Men’s Super Pipe finals,  apparently he decided to drop out of the competition in order to prepare for the Winter Olympics (10 days away!), so we decided to get an earlier start on our 4-hour drive back to Boulder.

          All in all it was a great time, and I can’t wait to return to the X Games next year! Ahh, the bennefits of living in Colorado....


Go Buffs!!


Downtown Aspen...a perfect mountain town!


Me skiing


Kelsey and I apres ski 


Super Pipe finals and free green hats!


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