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Wrapping Up

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Today I completed my second to last day of the week before the week before finals! So basically, I still have a week before finals start, which is fine by me - more time to prepare! The end of the semester projects start to wrap up around this time, so I've had a good amount of time to relax and do fun things before the real stress of studying kicks in!

It was my best friend's birthday last weekend so we held an ugly sweater birthday party for her and baked a ton of cookies to decorate and other treats to eat! It turned into a giant dance party, which personally is one of my favorite progressions of any group gathering! We also took her out for dessert at The Cheesecake Factory on Pearl Street, which was delicious and way too rich! I attached a picture of our group below.

This week our men's basketball team played CSU - and won! We were ahead the whole game, leading like 15-2 in the first few minutes. It was AWESOME! We set a record for number of people at a game in Coors Event Center history - it was something like 11,780 people! The student section was packed end to end, and the alumni had a great showing too. My dad happened to win tickets to the game, so he also got to come up to watch! Young Life College at CU all went to dinner before the game at the Center for Community dining hall on campus (my favorite for the dessert and burrito line!) and then stood together at the game. It was fun to use an event on campus to bring us all together! I attached a picture of Young Life at the game below.

One of the ministries I am involved in, called The Annex, had a large Christmas concert this week called Christmas on 16th Street (the church is on 16th street!). A few of my friends preformed various Christmas carols on instruments or singing or a combination of both. It was a fancy event with cookies to eat afterwards - what could be better?! It's fun to have a place to dress up now that we don't have dances like we did in high school!

Tune in next week to hear how the studying is going - probably as interesting as it sounds!


Only half of the Young Life College kids who came to eat dinner before the game - we packed this room of the dining hall!


Cheesecake Factory for my best friend's birthday!

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