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Work Hard, Play Hard

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The title of this blog exemplifies my philosophy as a CU student. I work my butt off, and then I blow off a lot of steam. Somewhere in there, I find time to sleep- or I just overcompensate with copious amounts of coffee. This, however, isn't just my personal philosophy at CU, but I think it's pretty much everyone's. As your time in college ticks on, you gradually take on more and more responsibilites. You make more and more friends. You learn about different things to do in Boulder and in Colorado, and the idea of not being able to somehow do them all isn't acceptable. So, you work hard and you play hard. I hold a job, an internship, participate in an on-campus club, do well in school, and somehow find time to spend the weekends with my friends and boyfriend. Is it easy? NO! Can it be done? YES! How do you know you're not just an insane human being who piles way too much on? I DON'T! But, I do know plenty of other people who are in the same boat as me, leading me to believe that I'm not an insane human being (or that I'm just not alone!)

It all comes down to two things for me: time management and drive. Time management, a skill you will have to develop and hone if you ever want to succeed in life, is tough to learn, but it will become your best friend! I decide to skip my favorite TV show to do a reading or two so that I can go out with my friends, guilt free. Drive is something you can't learn; you just have to have it. You have to want to succeed and be willing to put in the time to get there. Learning how to focus to effectively prepare for tests, learning how to network to be ready to enter the workforce, and learning not to blow off class because your sleepy are all demonstrations of your drive. How can you capitalize on time management and drive? Simple! Are you a poli-sci major? Intern for a political campaign for a senator in Denver to build your resume at the same time. Chemistry major? Get a job on campus in a lab.

College is about learning, cultivating your mind, and becoming an independent thinker. But, it's mostly about having fun, being free, and choosing your own path. You can do whatever you want to do and go where ever you want to be. Take advantage of the next four (or in my case, five) years to their fullest extent- work hard and play hard. That way, on your way out of school, you'll leave with no regrets.

On an unrelated note, here's a hilarious video for your day:


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