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Work Crew Weekend

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Sometimes in the middle of the semester, we all desire a quick getaway. Young Life College at CU took a weekend trip to help work at Frontier Ranch camp in Buena Vista, Colorado last weekend. We worked in the dining hall as cooks, dishwashers, and servers for 400+ middle schoolers and their leaders coming for Snow Camp. I attached a group picture below.
Every minute of these retreats is filled with fun. The car ride up lead to hilarious "would you rather" games, discussing life, and singing our favorite 90's pop songs. When we arrived, we meticulously set up each place setting for the campers' meal in the morning. The following day flew by as we served, cooked, washed, lifeguarded at the pool, and sang and laughed together. I only drank two mugs of French Press coffee - I'd say that's pretty impressive considering how little sleep we got and how much energy we needed for the day!
One tradition at Young Life camp is for your crew to sign the bottom of a chair in the dining hall. I attached a picture below of a couple of my teammates with our chair! It's discrete enough that the kids do not notice the names, but each of the next work crews will see it every time they set up for a meal. I attached a picture of our legacy below!
On our way home, we stopped in Boulder for lunch at Drake's Haus burgers. It's a new, family owned fancy burger joint and all it took was one visit and I'm hooked! They have delicious sliders and sweet potato tots that make me hungry just thinking about them It's always fun to bring the community that forms while we are away back into Boulder after the car ride home. That night, I slept 13 hours to catch up for the week ahead... which is proving to be full of projects and school pressure! SO looking forward to Thanksgiving break!
Group Photo!
With the signed chair!
Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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