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Words With Friends and Myself.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Random  issues that have come up with friends and acquantances (and my own self) over the past few months:

1. 'O' is a letter and '0' is a number. It is ridiculous that we put 'O' in place of zero. How does F-U-N-M-I-L-A-Y-Zero sound?

2. Song of the year: Gift of Acceptance by Idan Raichel and India Arie.

"We can debate till the end of time who's wrong and who si right

Or I can honor your choices and you can honor mine..."

3. Why would someone say that Africans are overweight and in the same breath say that they are starving? Before you create a story, think hard and well.

4. Southerners say 'pop', Westerners say 'soda', Some people elsewhere say 'fizzy drinks', Nigerians say 'minerals'. Potato-potahto.

5. Someone rightly said, 'You see a bird and you do not see hand only a beak. Yet it can create a nest that you cannot build.'

6. Don't run away from argument involving people with people with polar or opposite ideas. These make the best conversations.

Incase you're disappointed, here's a real WWF reference. Yes, that's 110 points and Ankaraandlace is me. :)

Stay blessed this week and all the best with finals.


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