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Winter X Games 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello readers!

This weekend was my first time being in Colorado while the Winter X Games were happening in Aspen so, naturally, I piled my car full of friends and made the four hour trek. We got to see the Ski Big Air finals, my favorite event of the whole games. We were in the very front row and got to talk to all the athletes, which for me is the equivalent of meeting hollywood's top celebrities. I talked to my absolute favorite skier, Sammy Carlson (!!!!!!), got blown a kiss from Jossi Wells (!!!!), met Simon Dumont (!!!), and high fived every competitor after each run (!!). Because of where we were standing along the rail, we were on TV after every run. We fought through the freezing cold to stay up in the front and cheer until our voices were lost. 

Proximity to the mountains and all my favorite professional skiers was one of my biggest draws to Colorado, and it has definitely lived up to my expectations. I am already planning my trip to Aspen for the Games next year! Above is a picture of me (on the right), one of my best friends Elizabeth, and professional skier Simon Dumont. 

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