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Winter Break/Return to School

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hey everyone! 

It's been a long and restful break for me, but school has started, and I'm back in the game. I got to spend all of the break back home in Texas, which was very nice, but I did miss the awesome snowfall we had in Boulder. While I had a ton of downtime at home, I did get out and do some cool things.

I went hiking up by a bridge in Austin called the "Pennybacker Bridge" which is one of the most scenic structures in the Austin area. There's a good amount of hiking right around the bridge, and so I brought my dog and a few friends and we explored a little bit. The view is great, as shown below!


We were treated to a perfectly clear and beautiful day, which was spectacular!


Another place I went hiking is a little further away from my house. It is a place called "Enchanted Rock," which is really an area of rock that was lifted over geologic time and now juts out over the landscape of the hills that surround it. I was kind of forgetful and didn't take a picture from the bottom showing just how incredible it is, but here's this one from Wikipedia that shows truly how big it looks:

And then here's the one picture I thought to take, the survey marker at the top. It's a great quality picture of the survey marker, but not of really anything else:

If you're ever in the Central Texas area, I highly recommend you take the 1-2 hour journey out to see Enchanted Rock!


That kind of summarizes my break, I really didn't do much besides those hikes and watch a lot of movies at home, which is how I like it!

More recently, I returned to CU and Boulder to tackle the spring semester! So far my classes seem pretty good, and I think it'll be a tough semester, but interesting. I'm in 4 classes this semester: Biochemistry (part II), Physical Chemistry (part II), Oceanography, and a Modern Literature class. Besides those, I'll be spending a lot of time in the lab where I work doing experiments and other research activities in preparation for a presentation I'll be giving in April! Add my Student Ambassador tours and skiing, and that's one chock full semester!


Check back often for updates, and as always, shoot me any questions at!


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