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Winter Break in Baton Rouge

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Ah the Winter Break. It really is the best part of the school year. Most students will go home and spend time with their families before returning for the Spring semester. This year, we had a shorter than normal break, which drew some groans from other students, but nonetheless, we had about a month off to unwind. Many students also take this opportunity to make headway on their ski passes, and almost everyone who skis uses break as an opportunity to get a few days in.


            Over break this year I had the pleasure of going down to Baton Rouge to see my mom’s two sisters and their families, along with my grandmother. This is a tradition that goes back as long as I can remember. For my entire life, I can remember only one Christmas that wasn’t spent in BR, and in that instance the entire family came and visited us out here in Boulder to go skiing.


            As a result of this kind of tradition, the entire family has grown very close, and I have stopped considering them to be in my “extended” family at all. The picture I have included is of my entire family, along with some very close friends who might as well be family.


            Louisiana is a colorful place and so is my family, so some of our Christmas traditions are a little wacky. We always do the hokey pokey before eating dinner on Christmas day, we often have a bagpipe player who lives down the street from where we stay come by and play for us. We traditionally shuck oysters, which means we take closed oysters and pry them open ourselves before cooking them on the BBQ, they always turn out delicious. We always make a trip down the to bayou to a friends house, who has an outdoor brick pizza oven, which he heats up to about 1000˚ F and cranks out delicious homemade pizzas in about 30 seconds each.


            At any rate, I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday season, and that the prospect of school returning isn’t too daunting.


Until Next Time,



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