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Where has the time gone!?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hi Everyone!

It is great to be back in Boulder after a week of being home.  Even though home is just about an hour away for me, I don’t spend too much time there during the semester.  I spent Thanksgiving break hanging out with my grandparents, relaxing, and catching up on sleep.  Even though I enjoy cooking for myself at school most of the time, I always look forward my mother’s cooking! It was a much-needed break to re-energize in time for finals.  I can’t believe that there are only two weeks left! This semester has gone by so fast.  It seems like just a week or two ago that it was the beginning of October and I was thinking about what I was going to be for Halloween. And here we are today, December 2nd, getting ready for finals and getting excited about Christmas coming.  My roommate loves Christmas time and she brought a full-sized Christmas tree, a poinsettia plant, and Christmas lights, all to help decorate our apartment for the season.  We are also planning to make some peppermint bark tomorrow- a holiday must in my opinion!

We are also expected to get snow this week and have temperatures in the single digits! Winter is definitely upon us here in Boulder, but November was very dry and pretty warm this year.  Because they are forecasting snow for the next few days we decided to go to the Boulder star tonight on the side of the mountain looking over Boulder.  We tried to go the Friday night before break, but it was too snowy and slippery. Tonight, we decided to give it a try again. We drove up the mountain and parked beneath the star. Then we hiked up to the star, and then past it to half way up the mountain to see the city lights of Boulder.  It was actually pretty steep, but it was much easier without snow on the ground to slip on. It was beautiful up there! We took a lot of goofy pictures and had a really fun time looking out over Boulder.  I love seeing cities from above in the dark so I can see all of the city lights and the streets. I am really happy we got the opportunity to do this before the snow and the cold temperatures take over.  

My schedule during the next two weeks is looking pretty busy; it’s full of classes, review sessions, meetings, and fitting in lots of time to study.  I think everyone is just trying to stay focused and keep their grades on track for the end of the semester.  Wish me luck! 


Here I am with my friends Patrick, Andie, and Logan up at the star, trying not to fall as we take the picture!

And here is a picture of the amazing view up there! 

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