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When Parents Come to Town

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last week, my parents came to visit my sister and me here in Boulder. My parents are actually in Boulder a lot because this is where they met, so we have a few favorite places to eat and things to do for when they come to town. One of our favorite places to eat is a restaurant called Salt. This restaurant is located on the Pearl Street Mall and has amazing entrees. I always order some kind of fish because I don't eat that a whole lot in the dining halls, but everyone's favorite dish is the Tom's Tavern Burger. Another restaurant that we went to last week was called Oak. This restaurant is also located on the Pearl Street Mall. The food and atmosphere is amazing and I recommend going there whenever the parents come to town. 

One thing that is always fun, with or without parents, is walking around of Pearl Street. Whenever my family is in town, we spend hours walking around on the Pearl Street Mall walking into shops and watching the street performers. An amazing place to spend time on Pearl Street is the Ka Cha House of Tea. This Tea House is fairly new to Pearl Street and has an amazing selection of tea with a relaxing atmosphere. My family went here to sit and catch up on each others life. This past week was a great getaway from the busy dorm life. It is always fun whenever my parents come to town! (Plus I get stalked up on snacks for my room) 

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