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What Your Teacher Knows That You Don't Know

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ever felt smarter than your teachers or just wasting your time asking you to come to class?

Well, there's something your teacher knows that you don't...


Office hours are the best invention since college and while teachers will  not reveal exam questions (they shouldn't anyway), they help guide you along in your studying. The only way your teacher can give you individual attention is if you give them individual problems and the only time you can do this is during office hours. I know the semester has come to an end but remember this for subsequent ones. Your teachers probably do not receive students during their allocated office hours and so they're stocked to have you visit them then.

At Office hours, your teachers see your zeal and your hardwork and that singles you out. It is such an underestimated tool for students.

Remember, Office Hours were made for you!

All the best with finals.


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