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What a crazy week...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Well I think the title says it all! This week was insane. It was the last week of my internship, which was really sad because the two people I work with both went back to Italy today. But on top of that, someone got fired at my other job so I had to pick up an insane amount of shifts! I guess that is good and all, since I'm getting paid, but I'm having a hard time remembering when I didn't smell constantly of chlorine! Tonight was also my friend's 21st birthday. Her boyfriend planned a huge surprise party for her at her favorite Italian place in Boston, and then a party bus to go the bars afterwards. The food was amazing! But since I'm still not 21, it ended there. It was still a lot of fun though!

Speaking of food, this week I wanted to dedicate my post to great places to eat in Boulder! Not only does The Hill have a lot of great food, but Pearl St. and other areas are yummy too!

  1. The Dunshabe Teahouse- I am in love with this place. I first went there with my Mom this past year actually, and I will now go there any chance I get! It is located right near Pearl St., and not only is the food (get the Salmon Benedict!) and the tea really amazing, but the atmosphere is...I don't even know how to explain it. The teahouse, which was originally located in one of Boulder's sister cities, Dunshabe, Tajikistan, was constructed by hand, without any power tools. I can't even imagine building a tree house without any power tools. let alone a teahouse. The inside is brightly colored with a fountain in the middle, and it is a really peaceful environment.
  2. Antica Roma- Having lived and studied in Italy, I can without a doubt say that the food at Antica Roma, located on Pearl St., is very authentic Italian! Their bread and tomato sauce is so so so good. I keep on asking if I can buy it but they say no. Really sad. But in general their pizzas are really good, as well as their pasta. The decor is cool too because it's based off of the owner's hometown, the neighborhood of Trastevere in Rome. And the music is awesome too because it's all Italian! And not the cheesy kind either!
  3. Boulder Chill- Now as the name would suggest, this is obviously not a place for a sit down meal. Boulder Chill, which is located on Arapahoe, has amazing ice cream and frozen yogurt! I know that frozen yogurt is now a huge trend and you can pretty much get it anywhere, but this place is the original! The guy who owns it is super nice and always makes you feel welcome. Plus the frozen yogurt is really good quality, as are the toppings. My favorite? Chocolate with peanut M&Ms. Yum!

While those are only a few places in Boulder to get some great food, I can promise you that there are tons more! Just because The Hill is where students go, doesn't mean there isn't good food there as well! The Sink has delicious burgers, and Lollicup is a great place to go for boba after a long day of hiking!

Well that's all for now! Happy eating!

Italian • Boston, MA

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