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Westside Pride

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Normally, I would write about a new adventure I had in Denver, but this was not a normal week. This week, Colorado and my hometown not only made national news, but international news as well. There are many fires burning in the United States and nearly half of them are in Colorado. This week, I was glued to my computer, constantly watching the live stream from the local news station in Colorado Springs.  This week, the establishment that gave me my first job and taught me about teamwork, hardwork and growing up and the areas I constantly explored and visited like they were my backyard were burned to the ground.

The Flying W Ranch, the Mountain Shadows community, Waldo Canyon and Queens Canyon were my most favorite areas in Colorado Springs and now they are no longer standing. This fire shows us how quickly life can change.

While this fire was devastating, each member of the community came together to lend a helping hand to their neighbors. I am so proud to be from a city that can come together in a tumultuous time with almost unbearable amounts of support.

The Colorado community has a support system and pride that is second to none.

I am thankful that my former coworkers, friends and family evacuated safely and nearly all of their houses remain intact.

It is heart breaking to know the areas that I grew up with no longer exist, but in this post I would like to celebrate the memories and the things I learned in these areas. I have had so many adventures and made so many memories in these areas that cannot ever be taken from me.

 I am truly thankful and forever proud.

I love the crew at the Flying W.

Queens Canyon Area

Waldo Canyon


Thank you, Fire Fighters. 


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