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Weekend Warrior

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This last weekend was one of the most fun ones yet! I think I had seven events total over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.

My intramural soccer team had to forfeit its game because we did not have enough of our players show up. It was a real bummer because we probably would have won the championship for our level! If you win your level you receive a shirt from the intramurals office that says CHAMPION. They alter the designs every session for the people who win more than one shirt! We won a soccer championship sophomore year, but it would have been nice to have another shirt for a second title :)

Saturday night I went to a White Elephant party for Young Life. Every one had to bring a gift for $5 or less, and because the Boulder Goodwill is known for its eclectic donations, that was the first place we went shopping. I ended up with an ugly chick-in-an-egg lamp and my friends brought some interesting books and an owl coin bank statue. When we got to the party, there were presents of all shapes and sizes. I went home with an interesting statue (that I can't tell you about because I am actually going to give it away as another present to one of my blog readers who will like it!) and other friends went home with fish, lawn ornaments, a tricycle, and some food/toys that obviously were regifted. But of course it was all in good fun and great laughs to remember! I posted a picture from the event below.

Last night we had our Student Ambassadors' Fall Banquet at Old Chicago. The theme was Ugly Sweater and all the Ambassadors came together to celebrate a semester well done. We had a contest for the ugliest sweater and my buddy won! We have "buddies" in Ambassadors which are newly acquired Ambassadors paired with Ambassadors who have been in the organization for over a year. It's a great way to integrate them and give them someone to show them the ropes! I attached a picture of me with my buddy and my co-social chair below. I went home having won an awesome mug, so that was cool!

Overall it was a great last weekend of the semester before finals. I've got a couple papers and tests to complete, but it will all be over within two weeks! Then a great break ahead!


My friend on his newly acquired tricycle!


My co-social chair and Buddy in our ugly sweaters! Mine says GOLF.



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