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Weekend in Vail

Monday, October 15, 2012


So this past weekend, I had the good luck to go up to the mountains. One of my friends’ grandparents has a condo in Vail, CO, and we got to take a small road trip up there for the weekend. I’ve been to Vail a few times during ski season, and it’s beautiful, but it is almost more gorgeous when it’s snow free. The time of year we picked was perfect because the leaves are still turning colors, and a valley full of yellow, orange, and red is breathtaking.

Luckily for us, it also snowed on Friday night, so we got the best of both seasons. When we woke up on Saturday, everything within sight was frosted, which is a sight I never take for granted. While we couldn’t go hiking on Saturday, we did walk around Vail Village, which is the very nice resort area at the base of the Vail ski area. There are a ton of neat shops there, and lots of real estate that I’ll probably never be able to afford.

Enjoy the pictures! 

The crew in Vail Village

The crew in Vail Village

You literally can not beat this view

You literally can not beat this view

Very few interstates look this good

Very few Interstates look this good

Pretty sweet frosted view, right?


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