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Weekend at Home

Thursday, November 1, 2012

This past weekend, I went home to celebrate Halloween with my family in California. I flew home on Friday night and was greeted by my parents and big bowl of chili. It used to be a tradition that before my family went out trick or treating, we would all eat chili in a bread bowl together. Since I don't live at home anymore, we ate chili the first night that I got home. The next day, my family and I all went out to breakfast to my favorite breakfast restaurant in my hometown. After breakfast, we went to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins to carve. 

Carving pumpkins are my favorite part about Halloween. Already this year, I have carved three different pumpkins at three different times. The second time I carved pumpkins was the night before I went home. We went over to our friend's house and carved pumpkins and got in a huge pumpkin gut fight. There were insides of pumpkins everywhere around the house and all over all of my friends. My pumpkin carving was a little different at home. My family has always made pumpkins a little bit differently than anybody else I know. We pick out our pumpkins and a bunch of vegetables to go with it. We use different vegetables to put in our pumpkins after we carve them. For example, we use red bell peppers as tounges or brussel sprouts as eyes. We all get really creative with our pumpkins as we try to out do each other every year. This year, I made a pirate pumpkin and used an eggplant and a squash for the hook and attached it with toothpicks. I love going home for Halloween because I get to do the traditions that I would've missed out on if I hadn't gone home. 

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