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A Weekend Hiatus in Moab

Thursday, April 3, 2014


As a lacrosse player, the concept of a week-long beach vacation for spring break is little more than a fallacy for me. Every year, the team plays games for break, and thus we spend the week grounded in Boulder when the rest of the school bails to somewhere with sandy beaches.


Well, for the first time since I started competitively playing lacrosse, I was given a few days of break to myself. Our coaches gave us three entire days off. When given a gift like this, the only option is to ask yourself, what is the most epic thing I can do today?


The answer, always, is to head for the wilderness. I recruited two buddies and we loaded up a borrowed Prius (no better car to take on a road trip) to head for Fruita. Fruita is on the western slope of Colorado, and is home to Monument National Park. We drove out Friday night and set up camp. We woke up Saturday morning excited to go hiking. 


Flip and Alec walking up the canyon



The view from the ridge at the Colorado


The mountain men

We drove a little further west to the trail, and spent a couple hours hiking up and along a gorgeous ridge that overlooked the mighty Colorado River.


By the time we were back in the car, we were ready to capitalize on one of the greatest luxuries of being a young person: momentum. We were only an hour and a half from Moab, and we figured we had already come this far.


The town of Frisco is one of my favorite parts of the drive to Utah. This place used to be inhabited, not so much anymore though.


But in general, the drive is pretty gorgeous

Before lacrosse, my family would take a trip to Moab every year for spring break. We would ride bikes, and I will forever know Moab as one of the havens of adventurers like my father, and Moab will always hold a special place in my heart.


The Corona Arch

Because the trip was pretty impromptu, we didn’t have bikes this time, but we hiked and camped and met some other friends and generally had a great time of it.



And our full group in front of Corona
Flip, Alec, and I in front of Delicate Arch

We had to be back Sunday night for one of my friends who had a dinner date, but even the short hiatus in Moab can light a certain spark somewhere deep in my belly that makes you always want more. I guess I’ll just have to hope that the next opportunity I have to ask myself what the most epic thing I can do is will turn out this well.

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