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A Weekend Away

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hello, everyone!

This past weekend, Young Life College at CU took 70 students and 90 other leaders up to a camp in Winter Park for a weekend getaway in the mountains. We stopped for milkshakes at my favorite spot on the way up, then spent the rest of the weekend hiking, playing on the Big Swing, jumping in the lake, eating warm, giant cookies with ice cream, and laughing the whole time! I always feel so at peace in the mountains, so being at school in Colorado just two hours away from forestry is really a blessing!

I started my practicum at a local middle school in the area and I absolutely love it! The School of Education pairs us with a teacher or two to observe in their classroom and get experience working with students. I absolutely adore all the middle schoolers! Those years are some of the most important in their lives, so I feel lucky to get to be part of them!

We also attended the CU CSU football game two weeks ago - it was my last one (technically) in the student section! And we won! By a lot! The weather held up well and it is always fun to see everyone in that first week back around all our fellow Buffs.


Winter Park, Colorado on my Young Life retreat!


Preparing for CU vs CSU - one last year!

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO


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