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A Week Without Skiing...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

This week, school and meetings took priority and I didn't get to go skiing! Woe is me! I was especially bummed because some of the resorts an hour away got a foot of snow in 72 hours! Crazy awesome! But because I didn't get to ski, I had more time to get coffee with friends and get other work done early.

Last weekend, I went with 64 other Boulder Young Life leaders up to Granby, Colorado for our leadership camp weekend. The weather was really warm with snow on the ground, which was a great balance! One of the days, the lady leaders went out to hike and play broomball (hockey/soccer on ice with brooms, shovels, and shoes) on a frozen lake - I posted a picture below! It was pure chaos and incredibly fun!

Thursday morning some of my friends from my Belize trip and I went to Snooze: An AM Eatery on Pearl Street for breakfast! It is one of my favorite places to eat breakfast because they have crazy style pancakes, eggs benedict, and Mexican breakfast dishes. They also serve coffee in the CUTEST little yellow honeypot mugs, which sell for $23 a piece because they are handmade by a potter in California. Fun fact, eh? But the best part of eating at Snooze with 8 people means the opportunity to try one another's dishes, because picking one breakfast choice there is almost impossible :)

Thursday night I went to see the CU Theater production of "Far Away" for my acting class. The play was well done on the level of production quality, but I honestly had trouble following the plot. But because I still have so many questions, I'll have a great write-up of the play afterwards as I ponder the answers! It was fun to see students' hard work all come together at a Universtiy production value. I loved seeing the plays in high school, but a college budget provides opportunities for props, lighting, and costumes that really make the show!

This weekend I have a Young Life Super Bowl party, and then another week ahead! Hope y'all have a great week!

Young Life Boulder ladies playing Broomball! I'm in my snow onesie :)

Belize-goers at Snooze for breakfast!


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