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A Week Of Fun!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

This week, I had gotten all my homework done on the weekend, so all week I really had no work that was pressing me to get it done! That was nice because I was able to do a lot of social events and spend some time cleaning up my room and using up the last few days of my CorePower Yoga month membership!

Sunday morning, one of my friends and I ran the Boulder Marathon 5 Mile race. The race proceeds donated towards a charity Miles for Tuesday and was ran at the same time as the Boulder Half and full Marathons. The race took place up at the Boulder Reservoir on the most PERFECT 70 degree morning for running. We got medals for finishing and of course lots of nice free food! Seeing all the people there (1500 at least) running the longer distances definitely motivated me for doing a half in the near future! We had a ton of fun, talking the whole way and looking at the scenery of the reservoir. It was great to have a running buddy and to complete such an odd but perfect distance in a race form!


I'm on an intramural indoor soccer team and our first games were this week, scheduled right during the pouring rain. It was perfect timing for the sport to move indoors! Our team won both of the games, meaning our likelihood of winning the overall championship is really high - although I shouldn't jinx us. I'm also on an intramural team for Broomball - Soccer/Hockey on ice with sticks and a ball and full hockey protective gear - with other Ambassadors at CU. We had our first game last week and thus far the likelihood of us winning the championship is quite slim... At CU, if you win an intramural sport you receive a championship t-shirt that's a big status symbol on campus - it makes you look athletic and like you're good at a sport, even if you only won it in a Rock Paper Scissors tournament :) But we had a great time and were a really cohesive team, so I'm excited for our next game!


This week I also attended a Greek Philanthropy. All the sororities on campus hold one philanthropy per semester to donate towards a national cause that their headquarters has chosen. My friends and I went to Gamma Phi Beta's Caramel Apple Ball which donated money to iEmpathize. We waited in a line for an hour to eat all-you-can-eat apples and caramel with a variety of 11 at night! The night was super fun and we loved taking pictures and chatting with the girls we knew in the sorority. It's awesome that we can all come together for a philanthropic event and get lots of free food!

The week ahead will have halloween festivities galore - I'm really excited! Happy Halloween!


My friend and me at the Boulder 5 Mile race!


Colorado Ambassadors Intramural Broomball team - representing the University well!



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