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We are NOT just IN the world, we are PART OF it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last weekend, the staff of the Environmental Centre at CU Boulder went on a retreat in the mountains of Nederland. The CU Mountain Research Station (MRS) played host to our retreat.

Inclusivity is a big deal in Boulder. Generally, the city is not very diverse but diversity is thoroughly encouraged and CU's diversity is thriving daily. Boulder is a rather liberal city and so the level of tolerance of difference is impressive. So, with a school like CU set in a city like Boulder, inclusivity was the theme of our retreat this year. Particularly, we were focusing on inclusivity within leadership and the scope our the work that we do.

This experience was amazing. I hadn't had a retreat like this one prior. Usually, retreats are formal and there's a lot of note taking; sort of like a classroom setting. But, this one was different.

When we think of inclusivity, we typically think of color, religion and ethnic origin. There's more to that including class, socio-economic status, environmental (in)justice and self.

The entire day was filled with interactive activities and so much was learned in such a casual (but thorough) environment. And it helped that the scenery was pure and Fall is setting in. Trees were green and yellow and red at the same time. Bliss.

The MRS is open to all sorts of groups for retreats. Feel free to consider this location for your group's getaway. The hiking and biking trails are plenty and provide a beautiful view of the surrounding scenes. And there's a modern lodge for over night stays.

There was a lot of delicious food, provided by the Environmental Center.

Also, taking breaks by the streams and sheds were great for reflection and relaxation.

With reference to my last post, the Environmental Center is providing me with hands-on work experience as well as a beautiful social one. 

Have a great week and let's look forward to more weekends like the one just past.

'Funmi Oy.

Environmental Studies, Geography • Port Harcourt, Nigeria