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Wacky Colorado Weather

Friday, October 5, 2012


Welcome to October!

Fall has…fallen? Fell? Fall has arrived! The leaves around town and in the mountains are that famous Colorado gold, the weather is starting to cool down…with the exception of a few 80 degree days here and there. You read that right. It’s 80 degrees one day and then down to the 40s the next day---with this week as a prime example. We have some pretty wacky weather here in Colorado and this can especially be witnessed between the change of seasons.

Some people like to say Colorado has no real fall or spring. In the fall, Colorado might have a warm streak and then all of the sudden, around Halloween there is snow on the ground and the cold weather is here to stay. Then, in the spring it often snows until May.

My favorite thing people say about Colorado weather? If you don’t like it just wait a while and it will change. Some even joke that we have all 4 seasons in one day.Yes, we are never bored here in Colorado…even with the weather.

What inspired me to rant about the wacky Colorado weather? Well, today was one of those 40 degree days after a warm weather streak. Even after 21 years of living here, it still surprises me how quickly the weather changes here. The mountains have already seen some snow and in the lower elevations, we saw our first frost. But if I know Colorado, I know that sometime within the next few days the temperatures will be back to the warm 70s with a cool fall breeze. So, I’m not putting my shorts and hiking gear away just yet. It’s time to get out and enjoy those last warm days before we get to enjoy the days spent making snowmen and heading to the mountains.


Thankfully, we don’t have to get out and enjoy the sun before it goes away for winter. Colorado gets 300 days of sunshine and even when it’s snowing or freezing, the sun will most likely still be shining--- just another quirk to love about the wacky Colorado weather. :)


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