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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today's the day. After myriad political ads, three visits from the President, and countless volunteers inundating innocent passersby with pleas to volunteer for ______ campaign, it will all be settled tonight. As tired as I am of people knocking on my door to ensure that I know my polling place (ahem, mail in ballot, thank you!) and as sick of I am at hearing the phrase "do you support ____________ (fill in the blank, ie the president, amendment 64, gay rights....) from hipsters with clip boards, I must admit: I still feel blessed to get to participate in this day. Particularly on a college campus, the network of politically active citizens is incredibly astounding. It would be naive to think that college students don't care about the outcome of the election or that their thoughts are baised. In fact, the diversity of groups representing xyz initiative or abc candidate makes CU a microcosm of American politics. If you think about it, that's pretty neat.

If you come to CU and want to get invovled in politics, opportunities abound. But, say you're not really the civic action type. Other opportunities to get invovled in campus life through various clubs are available. At the beginning of every year, CU hosts the volunteer fair, where different clubs and volunteer organizations put up a display and show you what they're all about. On a campus of 20,000, chances are there will be something that is just perfect for you. And if there's something perfect for you, and it's perfect for someone else, you might meet a new life-long friend in one of these organizations or clubs. You'll be able to ascend the ranks to leadership positions, which are excellent for resumes. And you'll be doing something cool and impactful with your time- nothing is more rewarding than making a difference, especially by doing something that you already care about!

This invovled culture of CU is one of the coolest things about this campus. It fosters your interests, diversity, passions, while introducing you to people and organizations that align with you. Yes, it's been obvious that the civic action, politically minded groups have crawled out of the woodwork for this hugely important election. But they are only a small representation of the amazing things that CU students have the power to accomplish. Consider joining a club or volunteer organization at CU- you'll have nothing to lose!

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