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Monday, March 14, 2011

It’s been a pretty good few weeks for me (besides studying my butt off for tests). I got to paint a room in Aurora, help rehabilitate a house in Broomfield, and make/serve food to little kids in Boulder. The second two I did this past weekend, through Habitat for Humanity on Saturday and through the Boulder JCC (Jewish Community Center) on Sunday.

Habitat for Humanity was awesome because they let us use a jackhammer to dig a hole in the basement. I’m not exactly sure what the hole was for in the long run, because I got taken to do another task before the jackhammering/hole digging was finished. It’s always fun to do things like this because you learn new life skills, like how to use a jackhammer, drywall screws, or how the electrical system in a house works, and you make a difference to the family that will eventually live there.

Serving food to the kids was less manly and awesome, but it was still fun. It was the annual Purim Carnival (a yearly Jewish holiday where kids dress up and we make popcorn and cotton candy and pizza and falafel), and it was really cool to see actual families in Boulder, because they don’t usually hang out on campus.

I can’t attach a video to this post, so I’ll make a separate one with a video of me and the guys I worked with jackhammering.

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