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Visit And Basketball

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This past week was great because my dad came to visit!! My dad is one of my favorite people ever and it's always so much fun to have him here. We went out to a delicious dinner (at The Med on Pearl St.) and then I brought him to the CU-Boulder versus Stanford basketball game. 

The game was painful to watch; the Buffs played pretty horribly and Stanford beat us badly. My dad and I both absolutely love college basketball, however, so just being there was fun for us-- and we got to sit in the fourth row! I am proud to say that even though our team was getting crushed, our fan section was still cheering loudly and giving great support. 

I went straight from the game to stay in Breckenridge with some friends and then skied nice, new snow all day on Friday. After a busy couple of days it was very nice to just relax for the weekend. All in all, I would say I had a pretty awesome week! 

This is a picture of my dad and I at the game, sorry for the bad quality-- we do what we can with cell phones! :) Also note the purple under his shirt., although he is happy for me at University of Colorado Boulder, he will always be loyal to University of Washington (go dawgs!). 

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