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Very Busy Weekend

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last weekend was packed with fun events and great memories with my best friends. On Friday night, my friends and I went to the Grizzly Rose for the Chris Cagle concert.The Grizzly Rose is a linedancing club in Denver. My friends and I got together a bus to take us down there and we had so much fun blasting country music and dancing all the way to the concert. When we got there, the place was packed with people. On normal nights, the Grizzly Rose plays country music and everybody line dances together. Some nights the Grizzly Rose has special concerts with big country musicians and the place gets packed. This concert was sold out and everybody was there to have a great time. My friends and I pushed our way to the front of the concert and sang along with Chris Cagle as he sang our favorite songs. 

The next night was my sorority's formal. We have formals twice a year, and they are always something to look forward to. Everybody gets all dressed up and brings a date. At formal we all dance and have a great time hanging out with all of our best friends. Formal's location is always a secret until the event. In the past years we have gone to the Boulder Contemporary Art Museum and the club level of Folsom Field. This year, we were lucky enough to hold our formal at Red Rocks Ampitheatre. This is the most beautiful venue that I have ever been to. With the amazing landscape and the gorgeous ballroom, we all felt very blessed to be able to be there. This formal was so much as we danced and laughed the whole night. This weekend was definitely one that I will never forget. 

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